At Diseños y Montajes Mecáncios S.L., we are aware of the need for continuous improvement and adapting the company to market conditions, and with the desire to satisfy our customers, we establish the following general objectives:

Ensure that our products and services comply with established legal requirements and meet the needs and expectations of our customers.

Organize and rationalize all processes, methods, and instructions with the aim of continuous improvement by ensuring quality, increasing productivity, reducing defective products, and improving the overall social climate of the company and the motivation of all its staff.

Ensure that the above serves to achieve a prestige within our sector that ensures the loyalty of our customers and attracts new customers, thus ensuring the growth of the company.

To achieve these general objectives, the management of Mechanical Designs and Assemblies S.L. (DIMM) undertakes to disseminate this quality policy at all levels of the organization and provide the necessary means to ensure that it is understood, kept up to date, and applied at all levels of the company.


From our R&D department, we work on the continuous improvement of our products, opening up new markets, and incorporating new applications that optimize safety and contribute to reducing pollution.


We have a team of highly qualified professionals at your disposal to solve any of your needs. With extensive experience in the industrial sector, we have the ability to adapt to the most adverse situations.


Each customer has their own needs, and each installation has its characteristics. Our team finds the optimal solution to the specific requirements of each moment. We adapt to any installation and are ready to undertake any challenge, no matter how difficult it may seem.


At Diseños y Montajes Mecáncios S.L. we are certified with ISO 9001:2015.

In addition to this certificate, at DIMM, we are the official service and distributor of FOGMAKER INTERNATIONAL AB, who has an extensive portfolio of certificates for their system which you can consult down below:



SBF 127

SBF 128

Bureau Veritas


AS 5062-2016

AS 4587-1999

SPCR 183

SPCR 197

UL 1384

UL 1384

Swedish Maritime Administration


IATF 16949