Fogmaker system is an automatic fire supression system with high pressure water mist.

A container made of aluminum is used to store water at high pressure (100 bar) and is expelled through nozzles, patented by Fogmaker, spreading the nebulized water throughout the engine compartment.

How does it work?

As we have explained in the previous paragraph, the system operates using high-pressure nebulized water. The system was designed to target all three sides of the fire triangle:

Oxygen: Nebulized water, by concentrating a large number of microdroplets (a 1mm droplet contains 8,000 microdroplets), displaces oxygen from the location of the fire, thus attacking the first side of the fire triangle.

Heat: Additionally, nebulized water is the agent with the highest cooling capacity, allowing the temperature to drop from 870ºC to 136ºC in 10 seconds. Thanks to this, we attack the second side of the triangle.

Fuel: Our system contains a 100% biodegradable agent in a very small proportion that prevents fire reignition. Finally, thanks to this agent, we manage to attack the third side of the fire triangle.

Installation and Applications of the Fogmaker System

Our system is installed by our specialized technicians, and as can be seen in this diagram, its operation does not require electrical connections, batteries, or any components that could lead to a ‘non-activation’ in the event of a fire.

The Fogmaker system operates by pressure, which means it is operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. As long as there is pressure in the system, it will be operational; once there is a pressure drop, the system will activate automatically.

Regarding the applications of the Fogmaker system, we have a wide range of possibilities because any engine compartment, regardless of its application, is exposed to the possibility of a fire and should be protected. Furthermore, being a fully customizable installation, we adapt to protect any area the customer desires. However, the sectors we mostly work with are:: Bus, Agriculture, Mining and Tunneling, Material Handling, Construction, Forestry, Electrical Vehicles, Trucks and Airport GSE.

Diseños y Montajes Mecánicos S.L. is a company certified by the Spanish Ministry of Industry , as authorized Installer and Maintainer of::

  • Installations of fire suppression systems with high pressure water mist.
  • Pressure equipment and installations..
  • Fire extinguishing at civil works.

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