Fogmaker Functioning



The Fogmaker fire suppression water mist system is based on an aluminum container with water under high pressure and patented nozzles that extend mist water through the protected compartment.

The piston accumulator (1) filled with extinguishing agent and nitrogen, and pressurized to 100-105 bar, is connected to a distribution system formed by distribution hoses, distribution pipes and high pressure water misting nozzles (2).

The sensor bottle (3) filled with detector liquid and nitrogen, and pressurized to 24 bar, is connected to a polymer sensor tube (4). The piston accumulator and the sensing bottle are interconnected through a patented safety valve (5) that holds the piston accumulator closed if the pressure in the detection system is normal.

If a fire occurs, the detector tube (6) breaks, the pressure drops into the detection system and the valve of the piston accumulator is opened. When the system is activated, the pressure switch warns the driver through the alarm system (7). The extinguishing agent is pressed through the nozzles of the distribution system, and the high pressure nebulized water spreads throughout the protected volume (8).

It absorbs the heat: 1 litre of nebulized water under high pressure becomes 1 700 litres of water vapor consuming 540.000 kilocalories.

litros equivalentes 1 litro de agua nebulizada


Fogmaker’s misty water contains droplets of water so small that 8.000 of them fit into a normal-sized drop of water.

Volumen por 8000 gotas fogmaker

Installation of fire extinguishing system by misty water  truck for dangerous goods transport.